“Rosalee was essential in helping me to organize my home and storage area.  She has the ability to be a skillful designer of how to utilize space for the maximum benefit.  I would have the thought – oh maybe this could go there, and she would respectfully make a suggestion that was a much better option!

I especially appreciate that I can locate where things are in a way that is logical, practical, and simple.  In my relatively small condo, there is now beauty and spaciousness!  And in my storage area I know where to locate the camping equipment, the linens, etc. in an orderly fashion.

Rosalee is very thoughtful, and yet direct in her communicating.  She knows what she is doing, and would continually bring me into the conversation in a way that felt empowering and interesting.  Her approach is to offer options in a way that lets you see the benefits that will accrue.  I felt listened to, and encouraged to find what would be an ongoing contribution to being organized, efficient, and on purpose.  And all of this in a way that continues to have me reap the benefits of living in a clear, beautiful space!”

~ Mary A

Rosalee helped me transform my son’s playroom into a functional and beautiful space. His playroom was a complete disaster and could only be used to store toys, since there was no room to actually play in it. I had given up trying to keep my son’s playroom clean years ago. It was an eye sore that I wanted to bag up and throw out, but I did not have the courage to take it on alone.

The space had hundreds of pieces of Legos, puzzle pieces, board game pieces, books, stuffed animals, cars, trains and actions figures thrown all over the room. Rosalee helped me separate the items that I wanted to save, donate and throw away and made the space functional. She was meticulous with labeling the different categories of items and made sure no treasures were accidentally discarded. My son can now find his favorite books and toys and has a nice space to draw and play with his Legos. We enjoy lounging, reading, laughing and learning in the space together.

Rosalee is very patient, efficient, and practical with her approach to organization. She is easy to talk to, is not judgmental and her tenacious attitude was incredible. Rosalee did not stop working until the task was complete and I would not hesitate to call her again for my next project.

– Alicia G.

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