Organizing Philosophy

I will work with you to create the space you need in your life for personal and professional success.

Remove Items That Don’t Work For You
Does it fit? Do you enjoy it? Is it broken beyond repair? Do you have multiples of the same item when it isn’t necessary?

Have A Home For Everything

Put Everything In Its Home When Done Using It

Organize One Space At A Time
A room, a desk, a drawer.

Make Items Used Most Often Accessible
Put them at eye level, in closets and cabinets. In the top drawer or in front of items used least often.

Donate, Repair, Sell or Recycle
Many items can have a “second life” when donated to a local organization or someone you know. Repair items you like. Sell items at a yard sale, online or consignment shop. Recycle items that are recyclable by your waste management company. Putting items in the trash should be for garbage only.

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